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Music For Little Mozarts Level 1

4 years to 6 years

Join Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear on a wonderful adventure of beginning piano!  The joy-filled Music for Little Mozarts curriculum has an all-inclusive approach to piano instruction for preschoolers and Kindergarteners.  The curriculum is specifically designed to teach young beginners using a combination of a piano technique, musicianship, listening skills, singing and musical games.


So what do we do in the class? The course centers around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn about music. The students are introduced to new musical concepts and pieces at the piano as they follow the story of these 2 characters -- and having plush stuffed animals in hand is a highlight for young students! In class we take advantage of the high-energy level of young children, incorporating musical games and activities. As young beginners, they are not ready to sit at the piano for a long time. In fact, they don't sit at all! They stand for short bits of time to practice their skills, then they're off again to learn in other manners. And every activity, every movement game, every thing they do helps them learn and acquire music skills they need. Giving children an outlet for that energy then allows them the focus they need at the piano, where they can apply the skills they have learned away from the keyboard. The longer they are in lessons, the more time they will spend actually ON the piano keyboard. It's a balance that "strikes a chord" with young pianists!


How is the curriculum structured?  Music for Little Mozarts is a learning-rich, child-focused curriculum. It is not a performance-driven class, and students are not "pushed" to move forward before they are ready. Rather, it is structured to help every child develop a strong foundation of skills while building their confidence through joyful exploration. 


All students start in "Beginning Bears" classes, and students can join at any time throughout the year. Different skills are taught each month throughout their first year, with some review sprinkled in to insure mastery of skills. The following year, students who have completed at least 6 months in Beginning Bears may move on to "Mozart Mice" classes. They are placed with a group that best suits their skill set. There is no strict timeline, which provides for optimal learning for the young student. Some children will remain in Mozart Mice for one year, some for 2 years. We follow their pace. We meet their needs. All with joy, laughter, and encouragement! The end result? A child who loves piano and is incredibly prepared for successful private piano instruction!

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Tue at 11:00 AM starts 9/4/18 Level 1 4-6 Miss Christie Forney $72.00/m Register!
Tue at 5:00 PM starts 9/4/18 Level 1 4-6 Miss Christie Forney $72.00/m Register!
Materials for Music For Little Mozarts include a vinyl tote bag that includes:  Music Activity Board with marker, Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse, Music Lesson Book 1, Music Discovery Book 1, Music Workbook 1, a CD 2-disc set (for the Lesson & Discovery Books) and Flash Cards for Book 1.